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Remember to be human as you are far greater and more honest than a click.

"Algorithms are opinion embedded in code". I would love to say one of mine, but I've shamelessly stolen it from the Netflix Docu Drama, "The Social Dilemma". Credit to Cathy O'Neil Ph.D. who delivers some fantastic thinking throughout, and I highly recommend this thought provoking piece from Netflix. But why am I writing this? I am not on the Netflix payroll, but with so much on the internet focussing on a, "new normal", and our reliance on systems, particularly the proliferation of AI to review, interrogate and manage contracts, let us not forget, they are as only as good as the programmer, and their opinion. And most of the programmers use the same UI coding, which is why nearly all Contract Lifecycle Management Systems have the same look and feel.

>> IF "Algorithms are opinion embedded in code"
>> THEN remember to be human
>> BECAUSE you are far greater and more honest than a click.

I've seen so many tools developed over the years, that are a programmers dream, but fail to deliver or have longevity. For a tool to be adopted, it needs to simply fulfil a requirement, whether known or not known. I didn't realise I needed TikTok until lockdown, but now a few months on, my need for TikTok is over. Equally, that requirement, needs to be satisfied for more than a few months - and that requires those using the system to be part of that development. Sadly this rarely happens, and product development is lead by tools specialists, not users.

As a contract manager, I need a tool that helps me do my day job, not a tool that requires me to fill in reporting for the sake of reporting. This is what differentiates Atkin Bowen - we provide tools, template, processes and reporting that are meaningful and long lasting (more to come).

Whilst we need social media and tools to get the message out there, assist with reporting and connect with fellow contract managers on complex and commercial issues, don't forget old technology. I would recommend picking up the phone, and meaningfully connecting without another screen or tablet open whilst not really listening and simultaneously writing a presentation for management at the same time.

It gives you time to just listen and show empathy, a key attribute of us as Contract Managers. If we don't make time, then we lose touch, and the technology we hoped would help us make faster smarter decisions, will instead ending up costing us money, as we fail to understand the bigger picture only accessible through human interaction.

If we continue to rely on electronic means and social media for everything, all it will do, is eventually make us sadder, angrier, less empathetic, more fearful, more isolated and more tribal - Contract Management at its worst.

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