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Risk of loss and weakened commercial position by not managing contracts effectively requires CCM discipline, processes (including standardised reporting) and procedures to be put in place to track performance, obligations and maximise contractual positions with suppliers / customers and commercial value going forward

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Quantum Contracting: Services


Atkin Bowen offers a wide range of tools, template development and contract operations to support the optimisation of Contracts.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

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Contracting & Commercial Account Lifecycle Tracking Tool - Enhancing In-Life Contract Management

At Atkin Bowen, we've developed a unique tool to support all contract managers allowing access to real time contract data and analytics to make faster and smarter decisions.  

COAL with regular metrics input facilitates the real time tracking of risk, contract performance, compliance and contract base and portfolio reporting. 

COAL supports Contract Managers in critical thinking allowing focus on Commercial Excellence never sacrificing Quality.  Come and Speak to us about a Demonstration..

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Access to Atkin Bowen Contracting and Commercial Collateral Library

Our professionals have access to all Atkin Bowen Templates to support In-Life Contract Management from simple NDAs to Complex Settlement Agreements.  We've developed a number of templates and schedules to use alongside your preferred legal drafting.

We take pride in getting it right from an operational perspective - it means more to us to ensure an Acceptance Clause is well drafted and operationally works to allow you to get paid rather than winning a commercial drafting argument over the optimal liability position.  Let us help you operationally deliver and enhance your business.

Quantum Contracting: Services
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