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2021 Year of the Ox (the "Contract")

Having an honest nature, Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Seems apt that leading authorities are likening 2021 as the year of the contract. As we return to work (at home or with masks on), we will only succeed if we are like the OX and can depend on each other.

Following the easing of the effect of the Pandemic, if we allow ourselves to look forward to that point, what will change? Apart from the ability to remove the mask in safe areas, little will change if we do no embrace what we have learnt over the last year. This goes for in-life contract management too - which should be about securing the mutual value.


I have noticed during the pandemic, we have seen contracting concentrate on what is important in recent months, the protection of delivery and ultimately the supply chain. Disputes have been less selfish, focussing on speedy resolution and agreement to recognise differences and move on. None of this means an unnecessary concession, but it signals a move away from paralysis caused by meaningless commercial gamesmanship that prevents or constrains delivery and results in terms dictated by the more dominant party.

It would be sad if we move back to the old ways, so if we take anything from our learning of 2020 and apply it during the Year of the Ox, let us use diligence, dependability, strength and determination in an #EthicalFirst manner for the benefit of making 2021 the year of the Contract.

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