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In the beginning...

In the beginning there was chaos, but over time the formation of contract law through establishing neighbour principles in Donoghue vs Stevenson and offer principles defined in Carlill vs Carbolic Smoke Call Co - shaped and paved the way for robust contract management, and subsequently Commercial and Contract Managers.

I owe Lord Justices Atkin and Bowen my livelihood. Companies selling contract management software and solutions who have built businesses on these principles perhaps in truth owe it all to a snail?

This Blog Space will over time focus on supporting Commercial and Contract Professionals providing insight into how we should be doing things better and more simply, focussing on three key critical aspects:

  1. How well you do you know your contract?

  2. What have you done today to protect your client?

  3. How have you improved the financial position of your client?

And that is complicated, just ask Lord Justices Atkin and Bowen.

But for now the challenge is simple, and as tweeted, we're in this together - we have a duty to use our skills and talents to support the fight against Covid - 19. My request to you, is to think how can you do this? And then simply do it.

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